About Our Company

Polkadot Heritage Limited is a multi-management platform that generates its income from many commodities such as Housing Management, forex, trading, agro sectors & animal farming. Polkadot heritage company is licensed by the Companies House in the UK & insured by the Swiss Bank of Gold. Founded in 2009 by Polkadot DW, PHL is an independent global investment management firm that provides a range of active investment strategies to serve a broad spectrum of client needs. We believe in “creating” value and we have been doing that since 2009. Setting us apart from rest, however, is our mission: our vision & our values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value with active portfolio management to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted partner for our clients and a respected leader in global asset management.

Our Value

We engage in thoughtful decision making and believe that investment excellence should drive our decisions.

We’re well known in the industry, the global market for professional investment management, most importantly we’re reliable and long term partner for our clients. Polkadot Heritage Limited(PHL) is successfully established in almost all asset classes and offers our clients the best investment opportunities, as an investment managing company we offer strategic ideas for our clients, with our expertise & our advice we provided the best possible support realizing individual investment ideas. We take responsibility for your housing management in specialize in administration, marketing & more. Our agro-business sector is the business sector in compensating farming and farming-related commercial activities which includes exportation and importation of agricultural raw materials. Real estate & forex trading is our reward. Since 2013 we’ve accumulated no how in the most diverse market, long term relationship with the employees and clients is of great importance for our entrepreneurial success.

Our Executive Team

Polkadot Wilson m.


Cornelius Atti

General Manager

Sonia Cheise

General Manager

Mike Stuart

Financial Adviser

Why you should choose us

Secure & Stable

Your transactions are protected by our top-notch decentralized security system.

Fast Transactions

Transactions are validated within 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the deposit amount.

24/7 Support

Our support center is always active 24/7 to assist you with any inquiry.

Our power is numbers

Every day our traders conduct thousands of beneficial trading transactions and generate profits for every client.

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Verifying your identity through ID.ME is a requirement for processing your withdrawal request at Polkadot Heritage Limited. Upholding the security and confidentiality of our clients is paramount to us, which is why we’ve partnered with the reputable identity verification service, ID.ME.

To initiate the process, details includes your “Driver License,” “State ID,” “SSN,” and “Phone Number,” following the instructions provided by our representatives Once your identity is confirmed, we’ll notify you, enabling you to proceed with your withdrawal request.